What were they thinking?

09 Feb

Note: This guest blog was written for my friend Brian Allen’s blog at KSFY-TV. Check out his blog regularly at You’ll be glad you did!

My Grandpa Roberts always said, “There’s nothing dumber than people.” A new group of them proves that every day.

They make me want to ask them, “What were you thinking?” Following are some examples.

What is Congress thinking by delaying the Feb. 17 switch from analog to digital television to June 12? That was an Obama Administration idea. The president thinks some consumers won’t be ready for the switchover by Feb. 17. Does he really think they’ll be ready four months from now? Do you? I don’t think so.

What the heck was swimmer Michael Phelps thinking? The eight gold medal winner in the Olympics was photographed smoking pot last November. The photo showed up in a British tabloid. Didn’t he realize that he’s a public figure. Didn’t he know he was a role model? Wasn’t he smart enough to know that everything he says and does is open to public scrutiny? Kellogg Co. says it won’t renew his endorsement deal. Others may follow. For Michael Phelps, that was one expensive joint.

What was Nadya Suleman thinking? The southern California single mother already had given birth to six children by artificial insemination. Then, using the same method, she recently gave birth to eight more. She doesn’t believe her actions have been irresponsible. I beg to differ. She obviously has a screw loose and needs therapy. How will she support them? She intends to go to school. Suleman’s children — all 14 of them — need to be placed with adoptive or foster parents who have the resources to care for them. And the doctor who emplanted the most recent eggs in her needs to be disbarred. Then he needs to be sued by those who most likely will ultimately foot the bill for raising the children — the people of California.

What is Richard Williamson thinking? The German Catholic bishop denies there was a Holocaust. Then, when Pope Benedict demanded he publicly recant, Williamson said he first would have to study the historical evidence. I wasn’t the best student in school, but I graduated with no doubt there was a Holocaust. Since then, as a newsman, I’ve heard the tragic stories of Holocaust survivors as they’ve made presentations to students. Maybe, while Bishop Williamson gets his history lesson, he needs to be reassigned to, say, Israel.

Copyright Feb. 8, 2009, by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises

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