Breaking news: This just in, you’re fired

29 Apr


I've had a chance to meet some interesting people, some famous, like actor Hal Holbrook, shown in this 2004 photo at WOC, and some not so famous.

I've had a chance to meet some interesting people, some famous, like actor Hal Holbrook, shown in this 2004 photo at WOC, and some not so famous but still interesting.

The Clear Channel ax fell again yesterday, April 28, 2009. And I, along with some of my friends, got hit. I knew it was coming sooner or later. Of course, I would have preferred later. At age 60, five or six years later would have been great!

I’ve worked in commercial radio on a full- or part-time basis most years since I started as a country music deejay on my 19th birthday March 1, 1968, at the former KWNT-AM&FM in Davenport. This was while I attended St. Ambrose, where I got my radio start at the college stations, KSAR and KALA.

I originally worked weekends at KWNT. Then, later in ’68, I sold radio advertising (for a straight 10 percent commission) between college classes and spun records weeknights at KWNT. There have been other stations — and a switch to news reporter and anchor, a good fit for an older guy — between then and now.

I provided the following statement about my firing yesterday to the media who asked for my reaction to it:

“I am passionate about the news business and have truly enjoyed my association with WOC Radio, where I’ve had an opportunity to meet and work with a lot of fine people.

“Fellow newsmen Mark Minnick and Nick Linberg were not just co-workers, they’re good friends. 

“I have been affiliated with WOC since 1997 and a full-time employee there since 2002. But departures have always been part of broadcasting. I knew that when I was hired, and it’s my turn to move on.

“As for the future, the Quad-Cities area has always been my home, and that won’t change. I have a lot of varied interests and intend to pursue them here.

“I believe when one door closes, others open. I’ll be checking some of them out in coming weeks and months.”

First, though, I want to take some weeks or months off and assess things. Today, one day after being let go, I am trying to get used to my new schedule. My wife has helped by providing some assignments, such as “Now you’ll have time to sort through those boxes in your office.”

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2 responses to “Breaking news: This just in, you’re fired

  1. Don & Jeanette

    May 3, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Sorry to hear you lost your job. Was this part of a “thinning of the ranks” move? We’re certain Sherry will do her part in keeping you busy. Remember, when God closes a door, he opens a window. Be looking.

  2. Dan-O

    May 15, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    Opportunity in disguise!


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