I’m now on Facebook

25 Jun

I joined Twitter a while back. But I canceled my account the same day.

I decided that my “tweets” — the short accounts of what’s going on in my life — generally aren’t that interesting to me so they probably wouldn’t be that interesting to others, either.

Who wants to read, “I shook the cobwebs out of my sleepy head, sat at the breakfast table and discovered that my beloved wife had prepared French toast for me”?

That may be of some interest to someone who owns stock in the companies that make Wonder Bread, Land O’ Lakes butter and Log Cabin syrup. But that’s about it.

Facebook sounded like a better fit for me. But I procrastinated when it came to joining. Even though several of my buddies have been encouraging me for months to open a free Facebook account, I resisted, thinking that dealing with Facebook might be a bit beyond my limited computer abilities.

Then came an invitation to join Facebook from my friend Jon Book. And that got the wheels in my gray matter turning.

Jon is a fine broadcast engineer — there is none better — but I didn’t think he knew that much about computers. In other words, when I had a computer problem at the radio station, Jon wasn’t my first call. Or my second.

But then I get this e-mail saying Jon is on Facebook, and he wants me to join. Wow, did I feel behind the times! After almost passing out from the shock, I thought, ‘if Jon can do it, I can do it.’

And I did. Last night, right after supper. I joined Facebook.

Looking back, it wasn’t difficult at all. They walk you through it. And I’m happy with the results.

By joining I learned that I have scores of friends, relatives and former classmates on Facebook, and I’ve already connected briefly with many of them. From this point on, I can read what they have written and respond to it only if I want to.

If I want to write about my life, I will. But if I don’t have anything to share beyond the breakfast menu, I won’t post anything. Thanks, Jon Book, for nudging me electronically forward.

Copyright 2009 by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises.

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