When the talking heads start talking, I tune out

26 Jun

Michael Jackson was huge in the world of music. The impact of his death Thursday has been compared to those of Elvis and Sinatra. The iconic man is also being remembered for his sometimes strange behavior and legal and financial problems. That’s appropriate. They were big parts of his life’s story.

I first watched news coverage of his death Thursday on WQAD’s 5 p.m. newscast, then on ABC News with Charlie Gibson at 5:30.

Later I took in some of the special report on CBS with Harry Smith.

Today, Friday, I’ll probably be trying to avoid the coverage.

No disrespect to Michael Jackson, but some of the media have now shifted into “overdo it” mode. The entire “Today” this morning was dedicated to coverage of MJ’s life and death. But I turned it off after watching some talking heads, supposedly legal experts, discussing questions they had no hope of answering: Who are the biological parents of his children? What will happen to the children? How much money, if any, is left in the estate? And on and on and on.

When the “real” news coverage stops and the talking heads’ speculation begins, I tune out.

There are bigger fish to fry: Government violence in the aftermath of the election in Iran, ramped-up attacks in Iraq as our troops prepare to leave the cities there and North Korean missiles purportedly aimed at Hawaii.

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2 responses to “When the talking heads start talking, I tune out

  1. Coop

    June 26, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    I was amazed on Thursday of the coverage of Jackson’s death. Yes, a pop icon. Yes, a great musician. But worthy of wall-to-wall coverage by the cable news channels? Well, it might have been a slow news day to some degree.

    I marveled at the helicopter shot of the UCLA Medical Center… a few cars coming and going, cones being placed on the street, 6 (count ’em – 6) LAPD black-and-whites- parked at the entrance, with one changing position every ten minutes. All makes for compelling viewing.

    Phil, you’re right. There are bigger fish to fry than Michael Jackson. In light of the coverage of Jackson, I wonder how the media will handle the upcoming death of Walter Cronkite. Do ya think radio stations will convert to classical music and TV will air 4 days of a Cronkite retrospect? (Younger readers won’t understand my last sentence.)


  2. Dan-O

    July 8, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Well, I wasn’t what you’d call a fan of MJ, not that genre of pop music. But I have to give credit for his talent. And as I have come to understand more of his history and original family life, I begin to understand his behavior better. As a one-time cop and insurance investigator, I do have an interest in charges leveled at high-profile people. I have come to the conclusion that charges leveled against MJ were the result of greedy, opportunistic bottom feeders. I have come to believe that he did no wrong. He is clearly a case of arrested development, wanting to be the child he was never allowed to be.

    I still prefer BB King and Muddy Waters.


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