It’s been a super summer of trips and visits

29 Jul

Sherry and Sandy enjoy a treat at the historic Candy Kitchen in Wilton, Iowa. Phil Roberts photo.

Jini, Dan and I are shown at the "Field of Dreams" movie site in outside Dyersville, Iowa.

Jini, Dan and I are shown at the "Field of Dreams" movie site outside Dyersville, Iowa. Sherry Roberts photo.

It’s been a great summer of short trips and visits from family and friends, and it’s not over yet.

Helping make July extra enjoyable for us were, for instance, visits to our home from friends Sandy, who lives in the Atlanta area, and Dan and Jini, who live in a Salt Lake City suburb.

Sherry and I were friends with Sandy and her husband Glen when we were dating and they were young marrieds just starting their family.

Glen was the assistant manager at the grocery store where Sherry and I met in 1966 and worked and began dating. Glen and Sandy left the area in 1972 and we had only seen them once since then, when they lived in Prophetstown, Ill. I think it was in the late ’70s.

Wondering where they were and what they were doing, I decided to track them down on the Internet. I was saddened to learn that Glen had died of cancer in 2000 while they were living in Texas. But I found Sandy alive and well, and we were thrilled to have her stay with us a couple of days this month while she was visiting family members in the area.

It was good catching up on three decades of goings-on, and we enjoyed taking her on a tour of the Quad-Cities to show her how much it has changed since she moved away.

Dan, a Des Moines native, has been a friend since the late ’90s when I interviewed him for a newspaper column about his late father, a writer that I admired when I was a teen reader.

It turned out Dan and I had a lot in common and were fairly close in age. We began communicating by e-mail and became good friends.

His soul mate, Jini, is now our friend, as well. They have worked us into their schedule during their annual visits to Iowa the last several years, and we always have a good time, whether we’re taking a day trip together, watching a movie, shopping in an antique store or having a beer on our front porch.

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One response to “It’s been a super summer of trips and visits

  1. Dan & Jini

    July 29, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Thanks again, Phil and Sherry, for a very memorable time. It’s always hard to leave Walcott to re-enter the rat race, already looking forward to the next trip.


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