A football fix for a football addict

25 Jan

The Roberts men all like football. It started with my father, continued with my brother and me and, as this 1985 photo shows, was also true of my three sons, Brendan, Clinton and Dane (l-r).

Still football fans. Here's a more modern version of the shot above, this one taken in 1998.

What a Sunday afternoon it was for football fans!

There were two NFL championship games, one after another. I watched them on big-screen TV in high definition from a comfy recliner with a cold beverage nearby and a fire in the fireplace as a cold January wind whistled outside. Both games were exciting for the most part, too. A football fan can’t ask for much more than that.

None of the four teams involved in the two games are my favorite team, so I really didn’t care who won or lost. I just didn’t want to watch a couple of blowouts.

In the first game, the AFC championship, the Indianapolis Colts had to get in gear in the second half — they were down 17-13 at halftime — and they did. They ultimately beat the New York Jets 30-17. But the game was close for a long time.

At the NFC championship, regulation ended with the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings deadlocked at 28 apiece. The final score was 31-28 after the Saints kicked a field goal in overtime.

So…..the Saints will face the Colts at Miami Gardens, Fla., at the 40th Super Bowl at 5:25 p.m. CST on Sunday, Feb. 7, the latest date ever for a Super Bowl. The big game takes place at (choose your favorite name for the stadium) Joe Robbie or Pro Player or Dolphins or Sun Life Stadium. They’re all the same place. The Super Bowl will be telecast on CBS-TV.

This will be the 40th annual championship game of the modern-era National Football League after its 1970 merger with the American Football League (1960–1969). And, according to Wikipedia, it will be the first time since Super Bowl XXVIII that both number-one seeds will face each other.

This also marks the first time that two teams who play in an indoor stadium will play each other in a Super Bowl.

The big game will mark the fourth time the Colts franchise has made it to the Super Bowl. It’s the first time for the Saints.

But you can get another football fix one more time before now and Feb. 7. Next Sunday, Jan. 31, some of the best players from the AFC and NFC will battle it out in the Pro Bowl.

For the first time since 1980, the game is being played somewhere other than Honolulu. This year it’s at — you guessed it — Joe Robbie or Pro Players or Dolphins or Sun Life Stadium in South Florida. Watch for it at 6:30 p.m. CST on ESPN.

Copyright 2010 by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises. Check your local listings for any changes on game times.

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