Remembering Grandma Roberts

27 Sep

Grace, left, and Dorothy Roberts at Christmas in 1963. Phil Roberts photo.

I can remember some funny things about my paternal grandmother, Grace Roberts.

One story she related to us dealt with a tube of a pain-relieving ointment like Deep Heat or Infrarub. Grandma must not have had her glasses on one morning when she was preparing to brush her teeth.

That’s because she mistakenly put a dab of the ointment instead of toothpaste on her toothbrush and began — but certainly didn’t finish — brushing her teeth.

Another funny incident occurred when grandma was visiting us on Dugan Court. It involved our pet Chihuahua, Tippy, whose tail was always straight in the air.

Grandma always wore dresses and never slacks. Once either my brother or I had spotted a garter snake on the west side of the house and told mom.

We probably reported the sighting instead of just walking away because Dad hated snakes and insisted on killing any that were found on our property.

This sighting, however, came while dad was at work. So we told mom.

Mom, Grandma and Tippy came outside for a look at the snake. But, by the time they arrived, the serpent was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he had gone into a hole in the ground.

Anyway, Mom and Grandma were bent over, studying the ground next to the foundation, looking for the snake, when Tippy walked up behind them.

His tail brushed the back of Grandma’s bare leg and you can guess the rest. Grandma Roberts nearly jumped out of her skin!

Copyright 2011 by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises.

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