Favorite son returns home: WOC Club welcomes Doug Dahlgren

15 Nov

Doug Dahlgren and Anita Sundine. Dave Coopman photo.

Doug Dahlgren and Ed Zack. Dave Coopman photo.

Left to right are Doug Dahlgren, Ernie Mimms and Don Rhyne. Dave Coopman photo.

The WOC Club is a group of former employees of WOC AM-FM-TV (or, later, KWQC-TV and KIIK-FM or KUUL-FM) who meet monthly for breakfast and to share “war stories.” I have written about this group on this site before. You can do a search and read more.

Those in this “club” worked in all aspects of radio and TV. I, for example, did radio news on WOC-AM from 1997-2009. Others, too, were news anchors. Some were program hosts, directors, set builders and who knows what else.

Some of us left ‘OC for better jobs. Some of us were fired. And some of us retired. But we all have one thing in common — WOC/KWQC is a beloved part of our personal history.

You never know who might show up at a WOC Club meeting. Today, at the November 2011 gathering, Ernie Mimms (known by many now-grown-up “kids” as Uncle Ernie or, later, Captain Ernie) made an infrequent appearance. Thanks, Ern. Come back soon.

Showing up for his inaugural WOC Club appearance was WOC alum Doug Dahlgren, who went on to several larger markets but now is retired and living in Chicago.

Doug started in radio as a teen. If I was listening carefully, I believe I heard him say his first radio job was at KCLN in Clinton, Iowa. Then it was on to WOC-AM in Davenport as the afternoon drive deejay.

From there, according to, Doug Dahlgren’s resume went like this:

WTMJ [Milwaukee WI] 1968
WMYQ [Miami FL] 1972
WDAI [Chicago IL] 1973
WCFL [Chicago] 1973
WIND [Chicago] 1975
WIRE [Indianapolis IN] 1980
KUPL [Portland OR] 1987
KWJJ [Portland] 1995
KEX [Portland] 1997
KAYO-FM [Aberdeen WA] 2000-2005

A note from Doug on the site says, “I’m retired and living in Chicago again. The Aberdeen, Washington, station you list (KAYO-FM) was actually in Olympia, with a local signal into Seattle; the city of license at the time was Aberdeen; it became a Bustos Media station in 2005 and since none of us spoke Spanish … well, you know…”

It was a pleasure meeting this well-traveled radio personality, and we hope Doug Dahlgren returns to our group of merry men and women. Thanks to Dave Coopman for taking and supplying the accompanying photographs of Doug and others.

Copyright 2011 by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises.

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One response to “Favorite son returns home: WOC Club welcomes Doug Dahlgren

  1. Mark Moskowitz, MD

    August 20, 2012 at 1:41 am

    Great to see Doug again. I met him when he was between WOC and WTMJ doing weather and booth announcing at WHBF. I was 17 and doing weekend jock on the AM and evening camera on the TV side. I’m 62 now and have fond memories of Doug. Very talented, always a gentleman.
    Mark Moskowitz


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