The Davenport Tastee Freez has reopened with new owners and a new name, Rockingham Dairy Freez

01 Aug

Shown left to right are Alan and Margaret Carter and Tara Kirschenmann. All photos by Phil Roberts.

New paint has dressed up the exterior.

This message is good news to many.

The extensive food menu.

Lots to enjoy for ice cream lovers.

I whined when Tara Kirschenmann of Moline decided not to reopen the Davenport Tastee Freez, which she had owned for about three decades. I missed the landmark fast food/ice cream shop at 3950 Rockingham Road.

But now there’s reason to celebrate. The little place, which was the last remaining Tastee Freez in Iowa, has reopened with new owners and a new name, Rockingham Dairy Freez.

Margaret and Alan Carter, who grew up in the neighborhood, bought the place in early June and opened for business in July after making improvements inside and out.

I stopped in recently to meet the new owners and order my favorite snack from the place, a large order of fried mushrooms with buttermilk dressing for dipping and a small chocolate soda, all for $5.01.
“How’s business?” I asked Alan Carter.

“It’s been great,” he said. “The community has been coming in and getting good value meals.”

I love the ambiance of the place.

And I love the memories it brings back. It takes me back to my childhood and to more recent times when my wife and I were young parents and stopped there with our children.

For others, I’m sure the large menu and reasonable prices are a draw.

“We’ve kept the same prices from like eight years ago,” Alan said. “And we’ve expanded the menu. We’ve got barbecue, Mexican and seafood now.”

The ice cream offering has expanded, too.

“We brought back the flavor of the day,” he said. “Every three days we change the flavor.”

Rockingham Dairy Freez has another reminder of the past. Former owner Tara Kirschenmann is working behind the counter for the Carters.

She said she’s glad the Carters bought the place and glad it’s open again. “I think they’re doing a great job,” she said.

Me, too.

Rockingham Dairy Freez is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.

Copyright 2012 by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises. This was submitted as a column to North Scott Press.

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