I generally have a plan (But sometimes it doesn’t work)

10 May



IMG_2988I generally have a plan.

But as my wife, Sherry, will happily relate, my plans don’t always pan out.

Last Wednesday is an example. We took a one-day Plus60/Burlington Trailways bus trip to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play the Cardinals. (See the photos above.) I’m not much for watching baseball games on TV, but I love watching them in person at the stadium. So it was a trip I was looking forward to.

But I made a slight miscalculation.

The sun was supposed to shine, and the predicted high was to be somewhere around 80 degrees. So I decided a pair of shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and a baseball cap would be suitable attire.

My wife, who has adopted the Boy Scouts’ motto of “be prepared” as her own, wore slacks, a polo shirt, a jacket and a baseball cap. “She’ll roast and end up carrying the jacket,” I thought.

Our tickets were for the third base side of Wrigley in section 213, row 12.

Unfortunately for me and my plan, our section was shaded from the sun by a deck of seating above us. In addition, the wind was blowing from the east, and we were facing east. We received a steady, cool breeze from Lake Michigan for the entire game.

Sherry is more cold-blooded than I am. Even with her jacket, she was cold from the get-go. And so was Mr. I Have a Plan.

So when I went downstairs prior to the start of the game to get some concessions, I also bought an attractive, but overpriced, Cubs long-sleeve T-shirt. I quickly put it on right over the top of my Hawaiian shirt because at this point my goal was to warm up, not win a fashion contest.

The T-shirt helped, but I was still cold.

Sherry made it about seven innings before she had to leave to find a place to stand in the sunshine. I made it the entire game but will always remember my latest Wrigley experience partially for how cold I was for so long.

Yes, I generally have a plan but, like I said, it doesn’t always work out.

My new plan is to take a jacket, or perhaps a hooded sweatshirt, the next time I go to a ballgame. I’ll happily carry it if my assigned seat is in the sun.

Copyright 2013 by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises.

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