Rest in peace, Janice Couper

16 Jan

Janice CouperJim Couper 1.jpgSincere condolences go out to former Walcott Mayor Jim Couper (pictured) of Green Valley, Ariz., on the recent loss of his wife of 45 years. Janice Couper (pictured), 64, died on Dec. 29.

Born April 3, 1950, in Hempstead, N.Y., Janice was a retired registered nurse but worked part-time as a barista at Starbucks, a job she really enjoyed. Inurnment will be at Parkland Memorial Park in Hampton, Va.

Jim notified his Facebook friends of Janice’s death with a short note the day she died.

Then, early the next morning, he wrote thoughtfully that his “heart was broken by the loss of my lifelong friend and soul mate. It seems that we go through life to be tested repeatedly on faith and our character. I can tell you that both are tested today.

“The Lord chose to take my Jan into his heart and for that I am grateful (because of the) pain, suffering and lack of quality of her vibrant life were already gone. For all who knew her, you know she was a true friend, devoted mother, wonderful wife and just a good-hearted person.”

Jim noted that Jan was loved by most who met her, and she always saw the best in people.

“It’s a testament to these qualities from the many warm thoughts and condolences from her/our friends on Facebook. She would be honored and a little embarrassed as to the wonderful things written by you.

“When the Lord calls our loved ones, he leaves a gift of memories. Hold on to those memories and let them guide you on how you might think of her from time to time; hopefully you will have a smile come on as big as hers.”

To retire and move to Arizona, Jim resigned from the Walcott mayor’s post effective May 31, 2013, months prior to the Dec. 31 end of his term.

He told me at the time that “everything had been geared up to leaving at the end of the year. The term was up, and I was also going to use that as my retirement date.”

But the Coupers put their house on the market, and it sold in 10 days. Jim said the buyers paid close to his asking price and needed to take possession, so he left office earlier than had been planned.

I’m glad the couple enjoyed the better part of two years together in Arizona before her death.

Copyright 2015 by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises. This piece ran as a column in The North Scott Press, Eldridge, Iowa.

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