A first-time visit to Sam’s Diner in Davenport was very enjoyable

28 Oct

A first-time visit to Sam’s Diner, 3839 N. Brady St., in Davenport was very enjoyable. The service, food and prices were great.

I ordered a daily special, barbecue ribs, for $9.99. The meal included soup or salad and a side dish. I was pleasantly surprised. I received a full rack of ribs — eight bones surrounded by lots of meat — and the French onion soup I ordered was second to none. My side dish was French fries, which also were good.

There are booths and tables that seat from two people on up. A plus for me was a spoon among the table service. Have you noticed that many restaurants don’t offer that anymore? They expect customers to make do with just a knife and fork. (A soup spoon also came with my soup.)

Sam’s is closed on Monday but open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 6 a.m to 9 p.m. the other days of the week. I was there on a Sunday. Phone (563) 888-1439.

Copyright 2016 by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises.

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