Publicity etc.

My home-based business, Creative Enterprises, handles writing, editing, publicity and commercial voice-overs (see for details about that aspect) for a select — that means quite small but great — group of clients. There is no job too small. Let’s talk!

Phil Roberts, P.O. Box 372, Walcott, IA 52773, Phone: (563) 284-6863 or E-mail: (write FPE in the subject area so I know it’s not spam.)

A word of explanation: I know, I know. A journalist is not supposed to be involved in publicity or advertising. But I was involved in publicity work long before I became a professional journalist and, though I limit my publicity work, I have not become sufficiently wealthy as a journalist that I can just walk away from publicity work. I began my advertising/publicity agency work between stints as a full-time newspaper journalist and a full-time radio journalist. The radio station was made aware of my limited advertising/publicity work when I was hired and was OK with it. I’ve worked hard to make sure there has never been a conflict of interest.


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