Four decades of broadcasting. Shown here at the mike at WOC in Davenport in July 2007. If I'd known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself!


Most places I have worked are no longer in existence. And this is one of them, KWNT Radio. I started my first commercial radio job there as a deejay on my 19th birthday, March 1, 1968. A lot of things have changed, including my weight.

I have had the honor of emceeing the Quad City Raceway Hall of Fame induction ceremonies since their 2007 inauguration. This shot was taken in September 2008.

I’ve been announcing on commercial radio most years since 1968, when I started as a deejay on my 19th birthday.

My first radio announcing work was actually in 1967 at two college radio stations.

I was an auto racing public address system announcer every consecutive season 1976-2014 but retired in January 2015. I’ve mainly worked stock car races, but I’ve announced motorcycle, kart, ATV, vintage/nostalgia, midget, sprint, super-modified and Indy-type car races, too.

While I mainly have worked at tracks in eastern Iowa and western Illinois, I have also announced at tracks all over the Midwest — as far from home as Rapid City, S.D. and Memphis, Tenn. — and in Florida.

I’ve emceed racing and other banquets, hall of fame induction ceremonies and news conferences. I also have announced parades and moderated political debates.


One response to “Announcing

  1. Mark Moskowitz

    May 5, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    I started in Quad-City radio at WHBF-AM on weekends just before my 18th birthday in 1968, going from there to weekends at KSTT and winding up doing weeknights ending when I went into the army in ’70. After college I came back to work weekends at WQUA before starting medical school in ’77. I am in practice in Naples, FL where I play around in my home studio. I stay in touch with the old KSTT Guys; we had a reunion in ’05 and it was a blast! The KWNT pics were very cool. regards, mark


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