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Ted Drewe’s is a step back in time

(photos by Phil and Sherry Roberts)

If you have a sweet tooth and are interested in historic icons like Route 66, no visit to St. Louis would be complete for you without a stop for an ice cream treat at Ted Drewe’s Frozen Custard, 6726 Chippewa St. That’s in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood.

Ted Drewe Sr. reportedly started making honey-sweetened frozen custard with a carnival, then opened his first ice cream store in Florida in 1929.

A store on Natural Bridge Road in St. Louis opened in 1930 followed by a store on South Grand Boulevard in 1931. The family opened a second south side stand, the current Chippewa location, on what then was Route 66, in 1941.

According to the firm’s website,, “By 1958, the south side stands were all that remained.”

We visited the historic Chippewa location and weren’t disappointed with the product or the service.

Ted Drewe’s offers a variety of sweet treats, listed on a sign on the side of the building. They include Cardinal Sin, All Shook Up and Terramizzou. (Get it? Mizzou?) They are made with vanilla ice cream plus the flavorings and toppings people order to go with them.

The place is best known for a specialty called a concrete, which ranges in price from $2.30 for a mini to $5 for a large.

Concrete is Ted Drewe’s custard blended with numerous ingredients and served in a cup with a spoon and straw. It’s so thick the spoon won’t fall out if the cup is turned upside down, which servers willingly demonstrate.

Customers come and go in a steady flow at this place, and there’s a large lot with plenty of free parking. There are also benches on which you can sit to enjoy your treat on a pleasant day.

Copyright 2012 by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises.

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Spring break 2012: Hello St. Louis!

(Photos above by Phil and Sherry Roberts)

My wife’s a teacher. And each year for many years during Sherry’s spring break, we travel somewhere new and different. We’ve been all over the country.

Depending on our destination for a particular year, we sometimes run into wintry weather. Most of the trips, after all, fall in March. We walked through snow, for example, to see the ocean in Maine. And we stayed with snowmobilers at a motel in the hills of Vermont.

But the upside of a spring break trip is that there generally are no long lines at our destinations. The only other travelers, for the most part, are other older folks or families who also are on a spring break trip.

This year we decided to visit a familiar and favorite place, St. Louis. That’s also where our son Brendan and grandsons, Pierce and Cade, reside. Brendan works during the day, and his boys were in school – their spring break had not yet begun.

But our visit allowed us to stay with them, spend time with them each evening and go sightseeing on our own during the day.

We drove down on a Monday and back home the following Friday. Tuesday through Thursday were spent visiting various attractions.

We toured the St. Louis Zoo on Tuesday; the City Museum and a historic Route 66 attraction, Ted Drewe’s Frozen Custard, on Wednesday; and the shops and beautiful old buildings of St. Charles’ historic district on Thursday.

Copyright 2012 by Phil Roberts, Creative Enterprises.

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