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The Snelling: my kind of motel



IMG_2611I’m not a fan of the motels where you haul your suitcases through the lobby, then a quarter mile down an interior hallway to your room. And you pay well over $100 a night for the privilege. I prefer the moderately priced motels where the doorway of your room opens onto the parking lot, and your car is just 10 feet away.

That’s what I love about the Snelling Motel, 5346 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, Minn. 55417, phone (612) 721-4841. (The Snelling is pictured above; photos by Phil Roberts) You park right outside your room, and rates are reasonable. We paid a total of $160, tax included, for a recent two-night stay in a comfortable room with one queen-size bed.

I’m sure many of its customers stay at the Snelling because of its proximity to nearby Fort Snelling and a Veterans Administration hospital. But we like it because it’s close to some relatives we visit regularly in south Minneapolis.

The Snelling (, which appears to been built in the 1940s or so, is well-maintained and clean. There are 32 air-conditioned units, and each has an in-room refrigerator and microwave oven, phone, free Wi-Fi and cable TV. There are both smoking and non-smoking rooms.

The light rail system is very close and offers access to the airport, sports arenas and the Mall of America.

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